(UPDATED) TNGOP Leaders’ Statements on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Relaunch

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—The Tennessee Republican Party released the following statements from several TNGOP leaders regarding Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign relaunch:

Congressman Diane Black

Cong. Black remarked, “We all know that Hillary Clinton loves a good ‘reset’ button and today’s speech in New York is just the latest example. The American people have dealt with the Clinton political machine’s schemes for more than twenty years and they won’t be fooled by another attempt to repackage her candidacy. As her rapidly sinking poll numbers show, voters simply don’t trust Hillary– and with good reason. Another carefully staged speech doesn’t change the fact that she is wrong for America.”

Chairman Haynes added, “For an individual who has been running for President as long as anyone can remember, I’m betting a campaign reboot was not in the plan. But pushing the reset button can’t mask the fact she’s faltering and failing to connect with everyday Americans.”


Congressman Marsha Blackburn

Hillary Clinton wants us to believe she’s a ‘champion’ of everyday Americans. Unfortunately for Clinton, her comments about being ‘dead broke’, even though her family owned multiple homes at the time, and her complaints about successful Americans, even though she and her husband banked $30 million in just 18 months from speeches, reek of hypocrisy. Her words are a slap in the face to Americans still struggling to find a path forward in the Obama economy.  And they’re more evidence Hillary is wrong for working Americans. Another reset won’t change that,” stated Cong. Blackburn.

TNGOP Chairman Ryan Haynes said, “The more Hillary Clinton campaigns, the more she is exposed as out-of-touch with everyday Americans. She’s not a champion; she’s a perpetual candidate who will say whatever is necessary to get elected.”


Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell

Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign reset isn’t going to change the fact Americans are skeptical of her and the liberal policies she pushes,” stated Speaker Harwell. “In Tennessee, we know what real leadership is. Clinton is just re-branding the stale policies DC insiders have always pushed for in an attempt to make them more palatable. It won’t work—especially here. Hillary Clinton is wrong for Tennessee.”

Chairman Haynes added, “Americans want a champion who will lay out new policies for achievement and prosperity for our nation. Hillary Clinton promises a continuation of the same failed ones from the current Administration. That’s unacceptable in Tennessee and around the country.”


State Senator Becky Duncan Massey

Senator Massey said, “It will be a tough sell for someone as synonymous with countless ethical issues and secretive dealings as Hillary Clinton to be successful anywhere, let alone Tennessee. In 2016, Americans are looking for a champion they can trust to fix our nation’s problems. Clinton’s secret server and pay-to-play antics don’t square with that. She’s been wrong in the past and she’s wrong for our future.”

Chairman Haynes added, “Hillary can delete her emails, but she’s never going to be able to delete her disastrous record. ‘Trust’ is going to be a key theme in 2016 and polls show even Democrats question her ability to be honest.”


Tennessee Federation of Republican Women President Linda D. Buckles

Buckles noted, “As a grassroots leader for Tennessee women, I assure you we stand ready to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton’s failed leadership. Once Democrats conclude their Clinton coronation, Hillary would be wise not to step in Tennessee. The TFRW and Tennessee Republican women have a long history of turning out voters. With Clinton’s dishonesty, ethical issues, and wrong policies, we’ll do so again. She’s wrong for women, wrong for Tennessee, and wrong for America.”

Chairman Haynes stated, “While Democrats are crowning their leader, Republicans are going to have a dynamic conversation about the direction of our country with the most diverse primary in our history. Once we’ve selected our next Republican nominee, all of us are ready to stop Hillary, especially in Tennessee.”


Polls show even Democratic voters question Hillary Clinton’s honesty.

The RNC has placed the ad “Wrong for America” on television and the web across the country.


When Hillary Clinton originally launched her campaign, the TNGOP released this statement.

Throughout the day, the TNGOP will release other statements pointing out Clinton’s failed record, dishonesty, and numerous ethical issues. They may be accessed here.

The Republican National Committee recently conducted a poll of independent voters in battleground states that had some key findings applicable across state lines including:

  • Hillary Clinton is clearly vulnerable and already has a net unfavorable rating with independents.
  • Hillary Clinton’s supposed strength with women is a myth.
  • The most significant driving factor to Hillary Clinton’s perceptual issues is a question of trust.


The TNGOP Facebook page will feature multiple posts throughout the day on Clinton’s problems nationally—and in Tennessee.


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