TNGOP Reaction to Democrat Dysfunction in Shelby County

TNDP State Chair Attempts to Force County Party to Drop Lawsuit; County Revolts 


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – June 29, 2016 — Democrats are in disarray in Shelby County.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has a detailed account of Tennessee Democrat Chairman Mary Mancini weighing in on the pursuit of criminal charges by the County Party against its former chairman who has been accused of “embezzling more than $25,000.”

In response to the move by Mancini and the TNDP, the Commercial Appeal interviewed a county executive board member:

“They don’t have the authority to do that,” Del Gill, an executive committee member who supports legal action, said of Mancini’s directive.

“So, she can go to hell,” he added.

In her letter, Mancini said the party’s bylaws and state law gave her authority to issue the ultimatum, but she didn’t cite specific provisions.

Mancini wrote that pursuing criminal charges would send the party “down a path of further deterioration” at a time of internal “dysfunction…”

Shelby County Republican Party Chairman Mary Wagner reacted to the dysfunction. “The Democratic Party in Shelby County has reached a new low. We’ve all become accustomed to the ethically-challenged candidates they put on the ballot like Ed Stanton. But it’s apparent those issues have spread to the Party leadership. And now, instead of injecting accountability into their Party’s finances, State Chair Mary Mancini is attempting to sweep the potential criminal behavior under the rug. Once again, Democrats have proven they can’t be trusted with critical decisions–or the public’s trust,” she stated.

We’ve seen Democrat dysfunction over the last few cycles at the state level but never in such an embarrassing fashion at the local level,” remarked Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes. “Instead of taking responsibility and cleaning up the mess, the TNDP wants to ignore the problem in the hope that it goes away. It’s part of a disturbing pattern for them: Democrat public officials do something wrong and their Party pretends nothing ever happened. It’s right out of the Hillary Clinton playbook and it spells disaster for them this fall in Tennessee.”


The TNGOP previously pointed out the Democrats’ history of corruption. The news out of Shelby County only furthers that perception.

At the statewide level, the TNDP has offered up extreme candidates like Mark Clayton and Charlie Brown, both of whom were soundly defeated by GOP nominees.

Democrat candidate Ed Stanton exemplifies the problems within the Shelby Democratic Party, as he had a discrimination suit filed against him.

  • Barbara Burchett, a clerk employee, accused Edward Stanton, Jr., Shelby County General Sessions Clerk, of inappropriately touching her twice.
  • Burchett filed the suit in January against Stanton and Shelby County, claiming job discrimination. Burchett said her superiors then denied her comp time requests. She said a surveillance camera was installed to watch her at her desk, and she was told she needed permission to leave her desk—even to go to the bathroom.

Previously: Memphis Commercial Appeal: Shelby Democrats seek criminal investigation of old chair.

  • “Members of the Shelby County Democratic Party’s executive committee voted in favor of a resolution to pursue criminal charges with the Shelby County District Attorney or the sheriff’s office against former party chairman Bryan Carson.”
  • The resolution accuses Carson of “unlawful embezzlement of funds in the amount of at least $25,000” during his term as chairman from March 2013 to January 2015.



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