The Party Post — Week of December 9th, 2013

HealthCare.Gov—Is it fixed?

Over the last month, Tennessee Democrats have been embarrassed at the rollout of the ObamaCare website. Some solace was given when the White House announced that President Obama would begin a nearly month-long PR blitz to help the ailing law.

It lasted just FOUR days as the President shifted his focus elsewhere. Remember, NBC News’ Chuck Todd rightly called this “deja pivot” when the Obama Administration tried to divert attention from ObamaCare—two attempts ago. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The fact that two months after the website’s rollout we are having a discussion about whether it is fixed or not is ridiculous.
  • It is an utter failure by this president and administration that they would force policy cancellations on millions of Americans, and then make them sign up for new policies through a website that constantly crashes or spits out bad information.
  • The website, and the entire law, isn’t fixed—it’s a mess. Democrats like to tout the handling of 50,000 users. Amazon has one million an hour!
  • For taxpayers to have spent $450 million on this and get these results is a failure of leadership the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetime.


More Democrat Lies About ObamaCare

We all know President Obama famously failed to tell the truth with his promise, “If you like your health plan, you can keep it.” Now, more lies have been revealed:

  • “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” said President Obama.
  • Turns out that was false, as well.
  • In an attempt to clarify, a chief ObamaCare architect gave this stunning explanation on camera: “If you like your doctor, you can pay more.”
  • During a sluggish economic recovery, the last thing any Tennessean wants to hear from Democrats is they’re going to have to pay more just to keep their doctor.
  • And now, it turns out that a patient’s prescription drugs may not be covered under ObamaCare.
  • With all this news about ObamaCare, it’s no wonder that 2014 is beginning to shape up like a shipwreck for Democrats.


Polling Outlook

McClatchy-Marist Poll

  • 68% of Americans expect no budget deal by shutdown deadline.
  • 47% thought Republicans have a better approach to dealing with the deficit. 42% backed President Obama’s approach.
  • 15% of voters thought the sequester had a positive effect on the economy, while 37% saw its impact as negative and 42% saw no effect.
  • By 52-41%, voters support replacing some sequester cuts with increases to taxes and fees over going ahead with the cuts as scheduled. (Democrats are most in favor of replacing the cuts, 64-29. Independents favor replacing them by 52-40. Republicans, however, would prefer the cuts to raising fees and taxes, by 55-38).
  • Four of five people opposed Medicare cuts. More than half said reductions in defense spending were unacceptable.



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