Speaker Harwell: The Very Definition of Leadership

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-November 4, 2016—Once again, Tennessee Democrats have overreached.

The Tennessee Democrat Party is out with a new release slamming Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell for a new ad that talks about the incredible leadership she has provided the House Republican Caucus, and the State of Tennessee, since 2011.

In response to the attacks, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes stated, “Tennessee Democrats are waging a hopeless war against this woman and, in the process, undermining their own credibility. Beth Harwell has been an incredible leader for our State in the General Assembly. By every conceivable measurement, whether it is on jobs, education, or opportunity, Tennessee is moving in the right direction, regardless of whether you are a Republican or Democrat. Speaker Harwell hasn’t failed at leadership—she’s been the very definition of it.”

Here are just a few accomplishments under Speaker Harwell’s leadership:

  • 325,500 net new private sector jobs created since 2011.
  • More Tennesseans have a job now than at any other point in state history.
  • Tennessee has been ranked as the fastest-improving state in education, including recently scoring the highest scores in science ever.
  • The state has made the largest investment in K-12 education without raising taxes in Tennessee history.
  • Tennessee is the first state in the nation to offer high school graduates two years of college for free.
  • Taxes have been cut for every Tennessean.
  • Tennessee currently has the lowest interest rate in state history.


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