Recapping Red to the Roots

TNGOP Celebrates a Historic August Election Night

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Tennessee is officially red to the roots.

Across the Volunteer State last night, Republican leaders were elected to numerous positions at the county and judicial levels thanks to the help of the Tennessee Republican Party’s Red to the Roots program.

Designed to be an intensive on-the-ground effort that matched campaign infrastructure with volunteers from around the state to help local candidates, Red to the Roots exceeded expectations. The program essentially allowed county and judicial candidates to have access to the same benefits Republican nominees for federal or legislative positions typically receive from the Tennessee Republican Party. In most places, this meant Republican campaigns were able to overwhelm their opponents in the mailbox, inbox, and voicemail leading to a historic wave of victories around the state.

Early last summer, I sat down with my staff to develop a plan that would broaden the base of the Republican Party in Tennessee,” recounted Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney. “We found that a unique opportunity was coming up in 2014 — county and judicial elections that only take place once every eight years. So we developed Red to the Roots, an effort designed to mirror the Republican National Committee’s ground game. We put in place a strong field team armed with mobile VOIP systems, micro-targeting data, and an army of volunteers. Last night, our concept proved to be phenomenally successful.”

Some highlights of the Red to the Roots program include:

– Over 765,000 voter contacts made with the program through calls and door knocks.

– Over 270,000 mailings on behalf of Republican nominees in Tennessee, saving $40,500 for the TNGOP.

– Because of this, priority races were won across the state including 15 of the Party’s top 20 races.

– The Republican base was expanded in crucial areas such as Shelby, Davidson, and Knox Counties for the November election.

Devaney continued, “None of this would have been possible without the incredible candidates who came forward to serve in their communities and the committed group of volunteers who backed them. All these individuals played a crucial part in the success we witnessed.”

Because of these efforts, we likely elected more Republicans to office with one coordinated statewide effort last night than we ever have before. Not only did we elect the next generation of Republican leaders, we took out the next generation of Democratic opponents. If there was ever any doubt, it was put to rest last night: Tennessee is firmly red to the roots,” he concluded.

The Party will be releasing additional statistics in the coming weeks detailing the breadth and depth of the Red to the Roots success.

Election night victory statements for some of the significant Red to the Roots wins from the TNGOP can be found by clicking here and here.


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