Democrat Erin Coleman Comes Out Against Common Sense

The Liberal Activist Says She’s Against Steve Dickerson’s Mainstream Agenda

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-October 5, 2016 — Given the fact their Party only holds five seats in the 33-seat State Senate, Democrats are often put into the position of being against any Republican proposal. Rarely has that position been acknowledged in such a public fashion as Democrat Erin Coleman did recently in front of a Nashville audience.

Speaking to the Sertoma Club of Nashville, Coleman talked about various issues and why she’s running against State Senator Steve Dickerson. She stated, “I had already looked (Dickerson) up and I knew what he stood for and I knew that I stood for pretty much the opposite.”

A link to video of her statement may be found here.

Dickerson, a mainstream leader in the State Senate has a track record for being a problem solver for Nashville. Among his many accomplishments:

• Dickerson has stopped a state income tax from ever becoming law.
• Dickerson has fought for a tuition freeze at state colleges and universities.
• Dickerson has been a leading voice for a comprehensive transit solution for Nashville.
• Dickerson sponsored and passed legislation allowing for increased access to contraception for women.
• Dickerson was recently recognized as the “Legislator of the Year” by the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence.

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Ryan Haynes stated, “Maybe Erin Coleman stands against all of this, but I am confident that Nashville stands with Steve Dickerson on these incredibly important issues. Senator Dickerson has been a champion for common sense solutions in Nashville. In fact, he recently announced an agenda of Smart Solutions for Nashville. If Coleman continues to be against these types of mainstream proposals, then she’s just opposed to common sense.”

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