A Success Story that Stretches from the Statehouse to the Schoolhouse



NASHVILLE, Tenn.-October 27, 2016–The Tennessee Republican Party released the following statement from Chairman Ryan Haynes regarding Tennessee’s historic improvement on test scores according to the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). This test is widely considered the Nation’s Report Card.

Tennessee’s achievement in education is nothing short of awe-inspiring. When Governor Haslam was elected in 2010, he immediately sought to raise the expectations for what can be accomplished in the classroom in our state. For far too long, our results were mired in the bottom of national rankings. He knew that had to change. With our Republican-controlled General Assembly committed to that vision, new initiatives were launched to partner with our teachers and reward them for their hard work, while students were asked to meet higher standards that better prepare them for our competitive economy. Over the last few years, that innovation has started to pay off, with Tennessee excelling like never before.

We’ve climbed into top 25 nationally in science while closing significant gaps for all students. Tennesseans understand that leadership matters and, because of that, we’re witnessing a success story that stretches from the statehouse to the schoolhouse. Without a doubt, this is a banner day for our state’s students, teachers, and parents,” stated Haynes.


– Tennessee is the only state to grow faster than the nation in both fourth and eighth grade science.

– Tennessee eighth graders were the fastest improving in the nation.

– Tennessee fourth graders were the second fastest improving in the nation.

– Tennessee students doubled the average national growth across states in both fourth and eighth grade science, launching Tennessee into the top half of all the states.

– Tennessee now ranks 19th and 21st in the country in fourth and eighth grade science, respectively. These are the highest rankings Tennessee has ever had on the Nation’s Report Card.

– Tennessee students narrowed or eliminated nearly every achievement gap:

– In both fourth and eighth grade science, the gap in achievement scores between white and African-American students narrowed.

– The gap tightened between white and Latino students in fourth grade.

– The gap between male and female students was completely eliminated in both grades.


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